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  • Glass sealed sunpower panels
  • Glass sealed sunpower panels
Glass sealed sunpower panelsGlass sealed sunpower panels

Glass sealed sunpower panels

  • Product description: Glass sealed sunpower panels, from any power to 300W

Monocrystalline Module has multi advantage, this solar module are made with Sunpower monocrystalline solar cells which are aesthetically pleasing appearance. The cells have unique structure, different from conventional cells, they yield average conversion efficiency up to 22%, Sacredsolar uses highest quality materials in the manufacturing of our solar modules.


l         Photovoltaic modules made with unique Sunpower solar cells

l         Cells with high conversion efficiency up to 22%

l         Due to higher efficiency the module are smaller in size than modules made with conventional cells

l         Black frame for modules are available on special request

l         Sacredsolar modules are made with high quality materials which qualifies the high reliability of the modules

l         Designed to charge 12 to 48Volt batteries for off-grid remote power systems


l          10 years with maximum loss of 10% Power Rating.


l         Telecommunication

l         Water pumping for various agriculture and aquaculture applications

l         Catholic protection

l         Lighting system for emergency use and railroad

l         Solar light

l         Desalination systems

l         Electricity for remote villages

l         Security cameras

l         Remote sensors

l         Telemetry equipments


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